The study of the body and the study of the mind and their relationship offer endless challenge and endless surprise. It is a most humble endeavor. It is like looking at the stars and knowing that the darkness between is even more vast. For Ablon, poetry is a precious companion. In this his fourth collection, he traces his medical life, from schooling through training to practice. Combining his experience as medical doctor and a poet he creates a new genre of truth. In Night Call, Dr. Ablon slows us down so we can examine moments in medicine with him. He balances the harsh, clinical reality of human frailty with the sweetness of compassion. A master poet, Ablon uses poems to expose this tension as he masters medicine from student to physician.

Neeta Jain, Poetry Editor, The Journal of General Internal Medicine Ablon has a gift of venturing from bodily reality and mobilizing those images to inspire sentient feelings from within. His collaboration touches on the desperate search for immortality.

His poems move the spirit. Arthur Valenstein, Psychoanalyst and Clinical Professor, Harvard University Medical School Praise for Blue Damsels

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